Indoor Plant Hire and IEQ

IEQ, or indoor environment quality, focuses on creating healthy indoor environments for people. The inclusion of indoor plants is a vital component in achieving this. Indoor plant benefits include:

  • Filtering and removal of harmful particles and toxins from the air
  • Increase in staff wellbeing
  • Reduced sick leave and stress
  • Increased office productivity
  • Green Star points

Interior plant design is an effective and simple way to add ambience to your office with extra colour and a green statement that shows you care about your staff, while improving your image.

Indoor plant hire services should include: hire plants, custom interior plant design and Green Star Maintenance Plans. Look for an indoor plant hire company that offers excellent service, preferably throughout NZ, and who cares for both their plants and their customers. Indoor plant hire businesses should have an extensive choice of hire plants as well as exclusive pots on offer. We recommend inscape as a top-quality interior plant hire company. Today’s the day to positively recreate your indoor environment and improve your interior air quality!





Check out inscape’s sustainable interior plant design for the Christchurch City Council’s Green Star Building.